By Sally Rippin

ISBN-10: 1921758058

ISBN-13: 9781921758058

What do you do in the event you locate an angel with a damaged wing? There are just issues Jelly likes concerning the new apartment on Rosemary road: the previous apricot tree and the creek over the again fence. One evening, Jelly and her cousins spot whatever within the creek's darkish waters. before everything they suspect it is a poultry, however it isn't…it's a toddler angel with a damaged wing. They choose to preserve it. yet Jelly quickly discovers that you simply cannot simply take anything from the place it belongs and count on that it will not be ignored. Sally Rippin's Angel Creek is a ebook approximately being courageous and egocentric and hard and scared. it is a ebook approximately an angel, approximately transforming into up. And in regards to the extraordinary issues that occur in the summertime earlier than highschool starts off. 'Hideaways, rescues, damaged ideas, and a woman who needs to shield anything fragile and invaluable and out of this world…I enjoyed this book.' Martine Murray

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On the bank Pik started to bawl. ’ Jelly called. ’ Gino voice was snagged with fear. Jelly’s heart thumped. All her instincts told her to turn back—back to where the Christmas lights beckoned and her mum and dad were laughing, unaware that she had slipped out into the night. But, despite her fear, something pulled her forward, on towards the thing in the water. She had to see it for herself. She climbed up onto the rock to gaze into the dark water on the other side. There in the shadowy depths was a pale, pale child with glass-like eyes that stared up at her, and long white hair that billowed like clouds.

Pik said. ’ ‘Give it some more,’ Gino said. ’ ‘Not too many,’ Jelly said. ’ The angel shoved the grapes into its mouth as quickly as Jelly could peel them. Gino and Pik watched, stifling fits of giggles. When they laughed the angel would hide its face against Jelly’s chest and she would have to coax it out again with another peeled grape. She was beginning to feel like a mother ape. ‘We’d better go soon,’ said Gino, suddenly serious. ’ She stroked the angel’s hair. ’ Jelly pulled out some bandages and Dettol from the plastic bag and looked around the shed for something she could use as a splint.

No,’ said Gino. ‘I mean, yes. Dad shouted at me for being out at night without asking them, but they think we were just at the playground. ’ He paused. ’ ‘Of course she will,’ said Jelly, but her heart felt squeezed. ‘What about the angel? We didn’t leave it any food or water,’ she said. ‘We’ll go tomorrow morning,’ Gino mumbled. ’ But Jelly wasn’t so sure. It was such a little thing. So small and skinny and afraid. And now she didn’t know who she was more worried about: Nonna or the angel. At least Nonna had people with her.

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