By Jessica Bird

ISBN-10: 1101456027

ISBN-13: 9781101456026

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As they smiled at her, Grace took another sip from her glass. Inside, she felt numb. As she had so often in previ­ ous weeks, she found herself wondering whose life she was living. The next morning, Grace paced around the mansion’s living room until she thought she’d wear a track in the Aubusson rug. She made herself stop in front of an Early American mirror and stared at her reflection. Her face was disfigured by the leaded glass and the contortion seemed right. She didn’t feel much like herself, either.

The picture of Cuppie’s throat flashed through her mind and Grace felt a stab of fear in her chest. Carter frowned and stroked her arm protectively. ” “I apologize, but you both know I’m right. ” Grace looked away from the man’s intense, diamond­ colored eyes. The last thing she felt up to was fighting with someone like Farrell about her own safety. She didn’t have the energy to spare and, even if she did, she had a feeling he rarely backed down once he’d made up his mind. “I’m calling Smith right now,” he announced and left the room.

Because when I got in my car, he left. To be honest, it could have just been a paparazzo. ” “He didn’t take any pictures. And then a couple of days later, I know for sure I was trailed. I was going out to New­ port by car with my father’s ashes. My driver noticed it first. ” The countess’s hands were busy with her watch, playing with the catch, releasing and closing, releasing and closing, a small noise marking each movement. He suspected she was screaming inside that fine skin of hers. “Again, I told myself it had to be the press, that someone must have leaked that we were going to lay him to rest.

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