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Alternation, noun from → alternate. : alternatif 1) (n) A proposition or situation offering a choice between two or more things only one of which may be chosen. 2) (adj) Offering or expressing a choice. Alternative, from → alternate. Pers. Pers. duvitiya- "second," Av. daibitya-, bitya- "second," Skt. Pers. vicitan "to choose," Av. vicidyâi (infinitive) "to discern," viciθa- "separation, discernment," from vi- ""aparat, asunder, away from" + kay- "to choose;" cf. Skt. cinoti, cayati. : énergie alternative Energy from a source other than the conventional fossil fuel sources.

Ndromedâiyân, from Ândromedâ + -iyân→ -ids. : anémomètre An instrument for measuring and indicating the force or speed of the wind. From Gk. anemos "wind" + → -meter. Bâdsanj, from bâd "wind" + -sanj→ -meter. : angle The figure formed by two lines extending from a common point; the figure formed by two intersecting planes (dihedral angle). L. angulum (nominative angulus) "corner," a dim. form from PIE *ang-/*ank- "to bend". Cf. Skt. ankah "hook, bent," Gk. angkon "elbow," angkura "anchor," Lith.

Alterné Happening or following in turns; succeeding each other continuously. From L. p. of alternare "to do first one thing, then the other," from alternus "every other," from alter "the other". Peyvâr from pey "step; after" (as in peyâpey "successively, repeatetedly") + Pers. vâr "turn (succession), time (repetition), alternation". Compare with Skt. vâra "one's turn, appointed time, alteration, succession". ) To occur in a successive manner (day alternates with night); To change back and forth from one state, action, or place to another.

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