By Striegnitz K., et al.

The identify Computational Linguistics already means that this displine contains similar items of study: typical language (NL) is studied and operational tools are built. either fields are investigated of their personal correct and divide into a number of themes. This direction introduces various NL phenomena including acceptable implementations within the programming language Prolog. the themes handled are between others Morphology, Finite kingdom thoughts, Syntax, Context loose Grammars, Parsing, and Semantics building.

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That’s why we don’t want to make the insertion of a morpheme boundary obligatory. If the word ends in ses, xes or zes, it may furthermore delete the e when introducing a morpheme boundary. Here is a transducer that does this. The “other” arc in this transducer stands for a transition that maps all symbols except for s, z, x to themselves. other ε:+ s:s 2 other 1 3 s:s,z:z,x:x 4 5 ε:+ e:ε 6 s:s s:s,z:z,x:x Let’s see how this transducer deals with some of our examples. The following graphs show the possible sequences of states that the transducer can go through given the surface forms cats and foxes as input.

To be able to write a:b as the label of the arc, we have to define : as an infix operator as is done by the operator definition. pl 15), looks like this in Prolog representation: :- op(250,xfx,:). start(adoubler,1). final(adoubler,1). trans(adoubler,1,2,a:a). trans(adoubler,2,1,’#’:a). 2. Finite State Transducers 23 Now, we need a program that can manipulate these data structures and carry out the transduction. pl16). The base case is that both tapes are empty and the FSA is in a final state. In Prolog: transduce(A,Node,[],[]) :final(Node).

The set of states Q as well as the alphabet Σ were left implicit. ✖ ✁ 4✖ ✁ ✓☎✓ 3 ✁ h✖ ✁ 2✖ ✛ ✁ 1✁ ✚ 4✛ ✖ 36 Chapter 3. 5 From Regular Expressions to FSAs We now prove one direction of the equivalence between regular expressions and FSAs: We will show that there is a FSA for every regular expression. The nice thing about this proof is that it is contructive - it proceeds by showing us what such an automaton will actually look like. Our proof is by induction over the number of operators (that is, occurences of concatenation, ✠ and ✘ ) in a regular expression.

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