By John Gray

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I remain indebted to the author’s critique of libertarian, rights-based and egalitarian political moralities. However I think that contextspecific principles of fairness are necessary in many areas. These are the ones where human needs are not satiable but are yet basic, where they are satiable but cannot all be met, and, perhaps most fundamentally, where the criteria of satiability itself cannot avoid mention of norms of fairness. By contrast, The Economist has argued (‘The myth of the powerless state’, 7 October 1995) that ‘global integration has left government with about as many economic powers as they ever had’.

We will aim to contrive Demos This page is covered by the Demos open access licence. Some rights reserved. We will seek to make the distribution of skills and opportunities fairer. In this way we can hope to make our individualism less possessive and more convivial. No single policy reform can be a panacea for our economic culture. Many of the ills of our society can only be cured slowly and in part, since they arise from sources in our culture which governments can certainly aggravate by their policies, but over which their leverage is otherwise strictly limited.

An example of such a place in Britain may be Swindon, which is currently the subject of a research project being conducted by Matthew D’Ancona. 19. P. Putnam’s Sons. 20. Various schemes are discussed in the Citizens’s income bulletin, particularly Nos. 18 (July 1994), 19 (February 1995) and 20 (July 1995). 21. , 1995, Making welfare work: reconstructing welfare for the millennium, London, Institute of Community Studies. 22. Not all forms of targeting involve means-testing. Some involve categorisation by other factors such as age or disability, and do not necessarily carry the moral hazards of means-testing.

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