By Samantha James

ISBN-10: 0061806471

ISBN-13: 9780061806476

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A Promise Given The proud head of his Highland extended family, Ian MacGregor has lower back, cloaked in secrets and techniques, to where the place he spent many carefree years, for you to marry Margaret Kincaid--the lowlands lass to whom he has been betrothed considering that his adolescence. however it is the wild lively and hauntingly appealing Sabrina Kincaid who catches Ian's eye. And while Margaret mysteriously vanishes, he willingly accepts Sabrina as his bride in her sister's stead. A Promise stored Dutybound to honor her father's want, Sabrina reluctantly is of the same opinion to wed the rugged chieftain--though she fears the rumors of Ian's darkish prior. . .and the whispers that now blame him for Margaret's disappearance. yet her sensuous soul bids her to pay no heed to her doubts and distrust, and to publish as an alternative to the searing passions that burn inside her. For Ian's stirring but smooth caress speaks of a noble, mild center. And if peril is Sabrina's destiny, so be it--for she is set to profit the truths that would set them either loose and hold them aloft jointly at the wings of incomparable love.

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He thundered. “You would do well to heed your sister’s ways, lassie. She knows a woman’s place. ” A scalding shame swept through her body—how like Papa to censure her before Ian and his cousin. But Sabrina was well aware that further argument would gain her nothing. Her father was set in his ways and would not listen, at least not to her, she decided bitterly. Summoning her dignity, she rose without a word and left the hall. Was it her imagination…or did she feel Ian’s gaze drilling into her back like the point of a knife?

He allowed his gaze to wander, a blatantly thorough inspection of her form, lingering with flagrant interest on her breasts. Ian couldn’t help it. The merest hint of a smile tugged at his lips. He had but one thought. Foolishly, 30 / Samantha James he’d somehow imagined Sabrina still a child. Oh, but he’d been wrong, for there was a difference—a vast difference. Aye, there was grace where before there had been only a gangly clumsiness. A supple ripeness where before had been breasts as flat as a washboard.

He watched as she ducked into the narrow stair well that led to the tower and wall-walk. Her footsteps announced her arrival even before he saw her. She hurried along the parapet, her head slightly lowered, her shoulders hunched against the bite of the wind. She stopped midway along the wall, then turned and gazed out toward the forest. Her hair was long and loose and free. It whipped about her shoulders, a banner of purest flame. Ian caught his breath at the profile she presented. God’s teeth, but she was lovelier than she looked from afar.

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