By Nick Crowson , Jean-Francois Mouhot , James McKay Matthew Hilton

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Aiming to provide the reader with the historic information to interact with the debates surrounding the Cameron government's 'Big Society' and civil society, this publication supplies the reader a better and extra expert ancient recognition of ways the NGO zone has grown and motivated.

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Adapted from P. Alcock, ‘A Strategic Unity: Defining the Third Sector in the UK’, Voluntary Sector Review, 1:1 (2010), pp. 5–24. Such was the term’s association with New Labour that it was inevitable that a new government – particularly one equally committed to expanding the role of charities under the Big Society project – would in turn seek another label. And in doing so, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition reached for an extremely old one – ‘civil society’. Yet again, it is a term that carries with it ambiguities.

5: What is an insider group? Three elements to an insider group: 1. Recognised by government as being legitimate representative of a given interest or cause 2. Engaging in formal and informal consultation with government, by virtue of that recognition 3. Agreeing to respect the rules and norms of the above engagement. Adapted from Wyn Grant, ‘Pressure Politics: The Changing World of Pressure Groups’, Parliamentary Affairs, 57:2 (2004), p. 408. New social movements In many ways the antithesis of the insider/pressure group is the new social movement.

They are involved in conflictual relations with clearly defined opponents 2. They are linked by dense informal networks 3. They share a distinct collective identity. Adapted from Donatella Della Porta and Mario Diani, Social Movements, 2nd edn (Oxford, 2006), pp. 20–1. Third sector versus Big Society All of the above terms are in common usage. However, often one phrase emerges as particularly favoured by politicians, policy makers and academics, and therefore enjoys a special moment in the sun. Over recent years in Britain, this process of linguistic preferment has been seen not once, but twice.

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A Historical Guide to NGOs in Britain: Charities, Civil Society and the Voluntary Sector since 1945 by Nick Crowson , Jean-Francois Mouhot , James McKay Matthew Hilton

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