By G. R. Berridge

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Like all professions, international relations has spawned its personal really expert terminology, and it really is this lexicon which supplies A Dictionary of international relations 's thematic backbone. notwithstanding, the dictionary additionally contains entries on criminal phrases, political occasions, overseas organisations and significant figures who've occupied the diplomatic scene or have written influentially approximately it over the past part millennium. All scholars of international relations and comparable topics and particularly junior participants of the numerous diplomatic providers of the area will locate this ebook indispensable.

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They are also called blue helmets. Blue Book. The popular name for a British government paper which, because of its bulk, was given a cover of stronger quality than the inside pages; the colour of this cover happened to be blue. Blue Books, typically long official reports covering matters of domestic as well as foreign policy, were published by the government and formally presented to bout de papier 23 Parliament – and thus by one means or another to the public at large. They were introduced at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the chief architect of the new system being George Canning (1770–1827), the brilliant and driven Tory foreign secretary who, in his last period, was also leader of the House of Commons and briefly prime minister.

Casus belli. An event or act which precipitates or is used to justify resort to *war. casus foederis. An event or act which is deemed to justify calling on an ally to fulfil the undertakings of a *treaty of *alliance. caucus. An informal group that meets in private to forge a common approach to matters brought for decision in a larger, formal group. Not surprisingly this is a most important feature of *multilateral diplomatic gatherings, whether permanent or ad hoc. On the UN *Security Council, for example, the most important caucuses are those of the permanent five (*P5), the Western permanent members (P3), the *non-aligned, and the *European Union.

Capitulations regimes were also established in Egypt, Muscat (Oman), Persia, the Trucial States of the (Persian) Gulf, China, and Japan. That in Muscat continued until 1958, while those of the seven Trucial States were ended only in 1971. See also letter of protection; unequal treaty. career ambassador. A personal rank which the president, with the advice and consent of the Senate, can confer on a career member of the *senior US *Foreign Service in recognition of especially distinguished service over a sustained period.

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