By Erna E. Kritzinger

ISBN-10: 0723409153

ISBN-13: 9780723409151

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As an eye surgeon who has performed thousands of cataract surgeries, I can tell you it is not an easy decision but it is a very important one. If you’re planning to wait a little while before having surgery, chances are technology will improve even more over the next few years, increasing your menu of choices by the time you’re ready. Currently, there are 2 categories of IOLs you can choose from: Standard monofocal IOLs These are traditional implants that have been available for many years. The lenses are called monofocal IOLs because they are single-focus lenses (“mono” means “one”).

For this reason a “combined” procedure is generally recommended at the time of cataract surgery. The most commonly recommended procedures for those with advanced glaucoma who need cataract surgery are: Trabeculectomy The oldest of modern glaucoma surgeries, a trabeculectomy (also known as a “trab”), involves punching a hole in the eye and then trying to control the amount of fluid that percolates under the thin surface layer of tissue (called the “bleb”). Although it is possible for trabeculectomy to lower the IOP into the single digits, the IOP lowering effect of trabeculectomy is weakend when done at the same time as cataract surgery14 – thus making this a less than ideal choice to combine with cataract surgery.

Needless to say, it is a frustrating experience. I really want my cataract patients to have an entirely different experience. This is why I went to work on So, You’ve Got a Cataract? This is a book about cataracts for people with cataracts. My goal is to provide the information you need to learn about your eye’s condition and to make good, safe decisions about treatment. The book covers, in a language that anyone can understand, basic information about how the eye works and what is useful to know about a cataract.

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